Dendrobates tinctorius “Dasha”


Dendrobates tinctorius “Dasha” was discovered, and the location only known, by Igor Zhidov. He is a Suriname wildlife exporter who owns Corallus Breeding Farm. Igor originally came from Russia to help a previous reptile exporter out several decades ago, and he has remained. Dasha is the name of his daughter, to which he named this locality after. This locality is thought to be located near Citronella, closer to the border of Brazil and French Guiana. It is known for it’s high blue sides and reduced yellow. Some individuals display blue lines along the back as well.

There have been only about 100 specimens ever collected, with most of them being sent to the EU. Less then a dozen specimens came into the USA. To obtain more individuals, it would take a significant sized collection, as the locality is difficult and time consuming to reach. The EU has currently suspended importations of Dendrobates tinctorius from Suriname. Because clients in the EU paid considerably more for wild caught D. tinctorius (then the USA and other markets), it allowed for previous collections. However, with the EU prohibition, it is unlikely that this locale will be collected again, unless the markets are willing to support the high cost.